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Welcome to Custom Hitch Covers- a unique company founded in 2001 by Shawn Jones

Shawn has been working in the metal fabrication industry since his father started Industrial Screw Conveyors, Inc in 1976 which is a family business.

Shawn started working in the manufacturing plant at the age of 13. In 1990, he graduated from Joshua High School and started full time at Industrial Screw Conveyors, Inc. while also attending Hill College. He graduated there with an associates degree in drafting and design.

His father moved him into inside sales and he has now been there for over 29 years. Shawn is a people person and strives to take care of his customers.

In 1998, Shawn and a friend started making/selling horseshoe furniture and metal wall plaques of Texas designs in craft malls in the Fort Worth area. Then his friend suggested welding the designs to a tubing to make a hitch cover. Shawn researched and found out that only a couple of places were offering hitch covers. The ones being made were out of thin steel and offered a small selection. His niche would be to make them out of 1/4" thick steel and offer custom designs. As his family business owned various pieces of CNC plasmas, making the designs out of 1/4" thick steel was no problem. He launched his hitch covers in craft malls and craft shows. Then sales started to come in. As His selection grew and customers started putting in their requests, he realized it was time to move up.

In 2001, Custom Hitch Covers was founded, with the sole purpose of selling heavy duty Custom Hitch Covers on the Internet. By selling online Shawn could continue his full time job and allow his side business to run almost by itself with today's computer technology.

In 2003, their family business purchased their first CNC Water Jet. This took Custom Hitch Covers to a whole new level.

After being in the metal manufacturing almost all his life, Shawn has learned to take pride in his work. Shawn has not only made hitch covers for over 18 years, but he has turned it into an ART. There is no other hitch cover company that has done this. Even though the designs are cut out with a machine, they are constructed by hand all the way down to the last detail.

Custom hitch covers is a family owned and operated business as well. Shawn's wife Rhonda helps in the business. Together, they have two daughters, Kaylee and Madison plus one Bichon dog named Sophie.

If you have a design and would like to see if it could be turned into a Custom Hitch Cover then e mail it to

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